Pete and Bishop
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Kilo 5-2LOOK AT MY PEARLY WHITE TOOFASES BITCHES LOLStack Mama a-01STACK MAMA and BIG BALLERRolex 01 - 14 monthsROLEX aka PERPETUAL TIME....Dinosaur bone....14 weeksBenny 02BENNY BLANCO FROM THE BRONX and BIG BALLER DOG BREEDER EXTRAORDINAIREGracie x Benny x BishopGRACIE WITH HER TWO BAD SONS, BENNY and BISHOPBishop x BennyWE LOVES THE CHILDREN HERE AT BIG BALLER KENNELSEl Padroni 01TO THE COMPETITION (F@ck you) EL PADRONI PABLO ESCOBAR @ 9 monthsKilo 4-3YOLO MY NINJASKilo 2-2Walking dinosaurs....Don't try this at home children, I'm a trained professionalMansion x KiloKILO and MANSON AS PUPPIESBishop 01-0I got news for you sons, I got 99 problems but the world's baddest Pitbull and man boobs AINT'S onezzGracie PuppiesGRACIE PUPPIESBishop 01-3BISHOP AND BIG BALLERBishop 04BISHOP IN BEAST MODE!!!Bedazzle 1BEDAZZLE AND BIG BALLER DOG BREEDER EXTRAORDINAIREBishop 03-3BISHOP AND BIG BALLERKilo 4-2KILO AND ADRINA LYNN AT EUROFESTKilo 8Kilo the dinosaur bone producerBishop 10-2BISHOP THE PERFECT PITBULL HEAD!!!Kilo a-04KILO at Eurofest with a couple of hottiesMocha LatteMocha Latte as a pup after her haircut!!!Pete 02DAMN I'M ONE HANDSOME MOFO LOLPete 04ROLLING DIRTYDragonfly 1DRAGONFLY and PARADIGMPete 03Have I mentioned how handsome I am?? LOLJWowJWOW off my GRACIE x LIGER LITTERRolex 02 - 4 monthsGot bone??? ROLEX pictured at four monthsBishop 12BISHOP suntanning his nuts and taking a nap lolPete 01Don't hate Cuzz you ain't as handsome as me hahaLiger x BishopLIGER and BISHOP EXACT CLONESStack Mama x Bishop x BennySTACK MAMA with BISHOP and BENNY in the backgroundBishop 06-1BISHOP with the PLAN B ONE STEP lolKilo 4-4Kilo at EurofestBenny 07BENNY BLANCO FROM THE BRONX, BISHOP'S LITTERMATEBishop 09-2BISHOP COLLAGEBenny 01-2BENNY BLANCO WITH THE BUGATTIKilo x Bedazzle x Stack MamaKILO THE PRODUCER OF DINOSAURS (BEDAZZLE AND STACK MAMA)Bishop 01-2BIG BALLER AND BISHOPBishop 03-1Size comparison of BISHOP with a 15 year oldBishop 11World's biggest Pitbull....BISHOPKilo 1Kilo 127 pound femaleKilo 5-1KILO (Gracie's freakiest daughter)Dragonfly x GracieDRAGONFLY AND GRACIEBenny 02-3Benny Blanco and BIG BALLER....The kissGracie x LigerGracie x Liger litter